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How NB Works

Nail Butter©’s pure, all- natural recipe of essential oils and wool wax (lanolin) strengthens and revitalizes nails by enhancing growth and maintaining the optimum balance of moisture. Apply a small amount to each nail bed and rub Nail Butter© upward into each cuticle for thirty seconds. For optimal results, repeat twice daily for thirty days, then once a day thereafter. NB works on toes too—try NB now for your best sandal season yet!

What's In NB

Nail Butter© is made of lanolin, beeswax, gardenia, and mustard oils, and other vegetable oils, plus cetyl alcohol (from hydrogenated vegetable oils) and sodium tetraborate (plain old borax). These ingredients are cruelty-free, and purchased in the United States. We believe in natural beauty from natural products that work. So naturally Nail Butter© has only been tested on people, none of whom have experienced any side effects... other than healthy, beautiful nails!

Who Developed NB

Christina Cole lives on a farm with more animals than she can count on both of her hands and feet, but she knows exactly what to wear and how to look while enjoying the nightlife in nearby Athens, Georgia. Her belief in sustainability and having a small ecological footprint are the reasons why Nail Butter© only uses easily recyclable containers. Christina is currently working on bringing her loyal Nail Butter© fans a fabulous new hair serum and a firming, pore cleansing face mask.

How to Get NB

Nail Butter© can be ordered from this website and satisfaction is always guaranteed. Are you a retailer looking for a fabulous new product to sell? Contact us today to discuss becoming one of Nail Butter©'s select retailers.

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