Nail Butter works Magic on:
  • Weak Nails

  • Dry, Cracked or Brittle Nails

  • Hangnails

  • Dry Cuticles

  • Peeling Nails

  • Ridges

  • Dry Hands

  • Yellow Nail Bed

  • Cuts

  • Scrapes

  • Burns

  • Scars

  • Sun/Age Spots

  • Calluses

  • Dry Feet & Heels

  • Nail Biting

More reasons to Love Nail Butter:
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"I have gone through three jars this year...I love this hand and cuticle miracle."


"Oh Nail Butter, I want to marry you and have your babies. My cuticles have never been softer."


"I need to buy stock in Nail last jar has a major dent in it...

Lemongrass is da bomb." @lindsay_gentles



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